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April 15, 2008

Latest Blog Post Snapshots

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A client wanted to have a blog site for their CEO on their intranet portal. But they also wanted the most recent blogpost to appear automatically on their portal home page. I thought the best way was to do this would be to use a CQWP.  Even after editing XSL stylesheets, I could only get it to display the title of the blog. We wanted to see the body of the blog post as well.

The easiest way to do this is to use a RSS viewer. Here is what I did:

1. Clicked on the orange “RSS FEED” button on the Blog post page.

2. I was taken to a RSS page. I copied the URL.

3. I then came back to the homepage and added the “RSS Viewer Webpart”

4. Pasted the RSS feed url in the RSS Viewer Webpart’s Source URL.

5. Set Feed limit to 1.

and voila…it works..I wish! I got the following error:

“Authenticated Feeds not supported”.

The reason is that all current versions of MOSS do not support Authenticated feeds. There are two workarounds for this.


You can change the Integrated Windows Authentication to Kerberos. This is done via Central Admin -> Application Management -> Application Security -> Application Providers.

But we all know how messy Kerberos can be. So I had to ignore this method. Now to option 2.


You can allow anonymous access for that particular ‘Posts’ List. This can be done the following way:

1. In central admin, go to Application management -> Application Security -> Application Providers -> Check “Allow Anonymous Access”

2. Navigate to the ‘Posts’ list for the blog post. By default, Moss stores all Posts in a list. Go the list setting -> Advanced Permissions – “Enable Anonymous Access”

Option 2 worked brilliantly for me! I will try and attach some screenshots as well.

The only annoying thing here is that the OOB MOSS RSS Viewer only refreshes every 30 mins – this is how long it will take for the RSS Viewer to display the latest blog post.

Thanks to George Freney and Shirley Lee for their Ideas!


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